recycled & reclaimed: 


detail of a knitted garment in purple, red, and gray

Every spring semester at FIT, students who take the course

Advanced Knitwear Design: Creative Development and Execution, taught by professor Lisa Donofrio, are asked to create a sweater and coordinating pants. Rather than working with new materials, the students are challenged to make upcycled ensembles from existing knit garments, taking apart the old clothes and reassembling them in unique ways. This course provides a way for students to engage with materials sustainably and responsibly, and it also allows them to showcase their creativity. 

The fashion industry is increasingly interested in turning old clothes into stylish new garments. In March 2021, an article in The Business

of Fashion declared that the trend for upcycled clothing was only just beginning, and that "consumer demand for sustainably made clothing continued to grow during the [Covid-19]  pandemic." The designs presented here, from the spring 2021 semester, were made by students who continued their studies remotely.

This site was produced in conjunction with FIT's 15th annual Sustainable Business and Design Conference, held  April 13-16, 2021. It was made independently from the college's main website, which can be accessed by clicking the logo below.

zero waste knitwear at F.I.T.